The Arachnio uses the ESP8266 to integrate WiFi into a pin and software compatible Arduino Micro variant. Please join our Kickstarter to make the Arachnio a reality!

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The Arachnio is the first Arduino variant with integrated WiFi that is truly open source. It's small and rugged enough to take the Internet of Things everywhere. Full pin and software compatibility with the Arduino Micro make it easy to get up and running. The Micro form factor also makes it easy to use the Arachnio on a standard breadboard.

The Arachnio runs at a nominal 3.3V, but will run at the full range of voltages available from a standard lithium polymer battery, making integration into battery operated projects very quick. Like the standard Micro, the Arachnio uses an ATmega32u4 with onboard USB. That means that it's possible for the Arachnio to show up on a connected computer as a HID device (like a mouse or keyboard) as well as a virtual serial port. 


The Arachnode turns your Arachnio into a solar powered mote perfect for building sensor networks, dead drops, and the like. It incorporates a Li-Po battery charger designed to work with a solar panel or other external power source. A DS1337 real time clock chip provides accurate time keeping and external wake-up to support the lowest power sleep modes of the Arachnio. A microSD card slot provides non-voltatile storage and an optional ATAES132 chip provides secure key storage and cryptographic primitives for building secure systems. Voltage dividers provide easy monitoring of both battery and solar panel voltages to enable the attached Arachnio to manage its power consumption.


The ArachnoProto is the prototyping board designed for your Arachnio. It incorporates two 2" x 0.8" prototyping areas as well as two push buttons and two LEDs. It ships with both stacking and bottom-entry headers for those really small projects.