They Speak!

I finally got two Zigduinos talking to each other. I used the most basic two-node no-beacon example application from Atmel's MAC library, but there's no question that the two boards spoke to each other over RF. I have some more testing of other outputs before I am done, but that settles the question about the hardware giving me the most trouble.

Using the stack with the application examples and no major modifications requires just a little bit of tweaking -- a modified Make file for each example and a modification to the platform abstraction layer (PAL). Due to the license under which the package is distributed, I'm going to need permission from Atmel to distribute the modified versions of the files. I've sent in a request. I'm not asking for anything outside the spirit of the license, so I hope this will not be difficult. 

There is a project out of Germany, µracoli, working on an open source implementation of the same stack as the MAC library. 

I plan to make the following tweaks for production:

  • Add two more LEDs for RF link status reporting
  • Various fixes to the top silkscreen
  • Add proper legends to the bottom silkscreen to make it clearer how to use the jumpers
  • Break out separate SPI header in order to mimic the I2C header
  • Surface mount reset button
  • General board cleanup

Otherwise, I think we're good to go on the hardware front. Software is a work in progress. Watch this space.