Company Update

Logos Electromechanical LLC is now a proper LLC with a business license, bank account, and all the rest of the legal and financial stuff. Yay! Washington State makes the entire process very easy -- amusingly, getting my LLC, business license, and reseller's permit squared away took less time, together, than opening a bank account.

Our first three products are on track to start shipping at the end of September. The first boards are in production now. The solder stencils shipped today. I plan to have most if not all of the components shipped to me by the end of next week. Watch this space for more information.

I will be using Google Checkout as a card service provider because they have a setup that requires little effort on my part and has an easy upgrade path.

Some nice and clever person put the Zigduino in the Wikipedia article on the Arduino. They did not list it as shield compatible, however; clearly I need a proper product page for the Zigduino to correct all such misconceptions.