Zigduino production

We just took delivery on the third production run of Zigduinos, and we're working on flashing and testing them all. This is not only far and away the largest run so far, it is the first run to be assembled in the United States. 

This means that all of our assembly is now done in the US. We've found an excellent local assembly house to do our higher volume work, Printed Circuits Assembly Corporation. The quality is great, the prices are good, and the level of service, communication, and professionalism is phenomenal. It was more than worth the cost increment over what OurPCB, our former Chinese assembler, was costing us.

I delivered the parts and PCBs in person in order to speed the process by a day and get a look at PCA's operation. They own a large building in Bellevue, where they've been since 2000. The owner of PCA, Sim Taing, showed me around. I failed to take any pictures, which I regret, but I loved the opportunity to see their operation. The place was a hive of activity, and Mr Taing showed me a variety of boards much more complex than a Zigduino that they were building for other clients. They have more than two dozen large and extremely fast pick and place machines, most of which were in use at the time I was there. 

What impressed me the most was Mr. Taing's clear enthusiasm and pride in his business. That gave me a very good feeling about giving them the work. The fact that they delivered excellent work ahead of schedule confirms it. I'll be using them for my future runs.