Zigduino Delay

Our source of Atmega128RFA1s seems to have dried up, which means that the Zigduino will be delayed. Digikey claims that they will ship the parts on Apr 2; if they meet this deadline, we will be able to start shipping Zigduinos by the end of April. It's terribly frustrating, because everything else is lined up and ready to go. I will be posting more updates as they become available.

Since I now have a month to twiddle my thumbs while I wait for parts, I'm filling it up by updating documentation, software, and my testing procedure. I've posted an updated schematic and an overview of the board layout, and I'm also fleshing out the Zigduino product page on the pattern of the Arduino Uno hardware page. 

I'm also considering some changes to reduce the power consumption. The easiest one has been swapping in a 3.3V regulator with a lower quiescent current. I'm planning on powering the FTDI chip (which is kind of a pig -- it's half of the power consumption) off the USB bus, since it doesn't need power unless it's hooked to USB. I'm also considering fiddling with some other things to reduce the current consumption. Does anyone require particularly low power consumption?