Tasting Colors: A customer project

Jocelyn Li is a senior visual communication student pursuing her BFA at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Her entry to the Art & Design BFA Show 2011 at Cornish is called Tasting Colors, and is intended to communicate the connection between the different colors of vegetables and the health benefits those vegetables provide. This shows the viewer how they can incorporate their personal aesthetics into their diet.

The project required her to control a set of fifteen LEDs which correspond to a health benefit, with a set of buttons corresponding to a color.  In order to realize her vision, she purchased one of our 16 channel shields as well as an arduino at Metrix Create:Space, one of our retail outlets in Seattle. 

She used the shield and Arduino to implement the desired light patterns. As you can see in the picture below, pressing a button takes your eyes directly to health benefits connected with the color of the button.

Tasting Colors will be hanging at the Cornish Main Gallery
1000 Lenora Street, 1st Floor in Seattle through May 26. 

I would like to thank Jocelyn Li for her kind permission to share her work on my blog, and Sy Bean for his the use of his photos of Jocelyn's work to illustrate this blog post. 

If you have a project you've built with one of our products, please send us photos and a description, and we'll post them here.