MakerFaire and a Zigduino update

MakerFaire was even bigger and more fun than last year. I forgot my camera, so I didn't take any pictures myself. However, there are plenty of excellent recaps of the Faire with wonderful pictures posted all over the net. I especially enjoyed Dangerous Prototypes' series of posts and Make's own picture collection.

I talked to many, many interesting people about the Zigduino and other upcoming projects. Since none of it is finalized yet, I can't talk about it... but there will be many amazingly cool things happening in the next six months.

I just got this back from my assembler for the Zigduino:

They look great. The only error that I can find from a visual inspection is that they tinned the RF connector contacts on the right hand side of the boards. This means that the part of this process that I had the greatest concerns about, communications with the assembler, ended up being the smoothest. However, the logistics and schedule have been a nightmare from beginning to end. It's not quite over yet, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it does not appear to be an oncoming train.

They're shipping the panel to me now. Once I have it, I need to confirm that the boards on the test panel can be programmed and that they all test good. Once that's done, I can clear the rest of the assembly to move forward and I should be able to start shipping Zigduinos a couple of weeks after that.

About two-thirds of the first run is already spoken for -- if you want to make sure you receive one out of the first batch, make sure to send us an email at and tell us how many you'd like.