Sample Zigduinos Arrive

Yesterday, I got the first batch of five production sample Zigduinos. They worked, so I sent the word to the assembler to finish the run. That means I'll have Zigduinos to ship in about two weeks, absent further complications.

Now for some pretty pictures. Here's the first panel as it arrived from China:

One of the boards in the panel failed electrical test at the board fab, but that's a minor point. As soon as I received them, I put them on the test jig, powered them up, and loaded the bootloader on each one.

You can see the power LED glowing. I tried to catch the D13 LED blinking, but I was not quite fast enough. I did run into an odd bug with the combination of avrdude 5.10, the Sparkfun Pocket AVR Programmer, and the bootloader. When I load the bootloader, avrdude decides it is the full size of the flash block, not the 2K it actually is. It therefore takes ~73 sec to load and another ~73 seconds to verify. The verification fails (!!) but the bootloader works correctly anyhow (!!!!). I know the bootloader hex is good, because it worked with AVRStudio and an AVR ISP2 programmer from Atmel. Loading code through the Arduino IDE (i.e. avrdude + the bootloader) works fine, so I suspect there's something squirrelly about the Pocket Programmer or the avrdude support for it. I'm going to try it with a Duemillanovae or a Mega and see if I have the same problem. This should not hinder shipping Zigduinos, because the only really noticeable effect is the fact that it doubles the amount of time required to program and test each board.

And lastly, here's all the components you will get with a Zigduino kit. Each kit will also have a 2 dBi rubber ducky antenna as well.

About two-thirds of the first run is already spoken for -- if you want to make sure you receive one out of the first batch, make sure to send us an email at and tell us how many you'd like.