Zigduinos for Sale

The Zigduino is now on sale for $69.99! I'm shipping worldwide and available for retail purchase at Metrix: Create Space. It will shortly be available from Seeedstudio and lipoly.de

The Zigduino is a pin and code compatible OSHW Arduino variant based around the ATmega128RFA1. This gives it a number of useful features above and beyond a stock Arduino:

  • Built-in 802.15.4 transceiver 
  • Hardware AES-256 encryption module
  • 128K of flash 
  • 16K of RAM 

In order to improve the Zigduino's durability for field sensor applicaions and provide full shield compatibility, all pins are protected by diodes and series resistors capable of absorbing spikes of ±30V. It can handle an input voltage range of 6V-30V with power supply spikes to -20V and +60V. 

The Zigduino ships as a kit. Each kit includes:

  • A bare Zigduino board
  • Female headers for the standard Arduino pinout as well as the separate I2C and SPI connectors. 
  • One male 2x3 pin header for the programming port
  • A 2.1mm DC barrel jack for power
  • A card-edge RPSMA RF connector
  • A 2dBi antenna. 

The Zigduino core and board-specific headers for the Atmel 802.15.4 MAC library are available from github.

802.15.4 RF Support

Currently, the only supported RF libraries are the 802.15.4 MAC and BitCloud (ZigBee Pro) from Atmel. Both are a matter of a few configuration files. BitCloud is not compatible with the Arduino environment and is unlikely to be in the future unless Atmel releases the source or the Arduino team change the compilation to work with pre-compiled libraries. 

The 802.15.4 MAC library will compile under the Arduino environment, but the process is ugly. It requires copying all of the header and source files from the library into its top level directory so they're visible to the Arduino build process. This is distinctly sub-optimal, but I haven't found a way around it. Therefore:

Free Hardware!

I'm offering free Zigduino hardware for the first person to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Clean up the compile process for the Atmel 802.15.4 MAC library so it either doesn't require copying all the headers and source files into a single directory or that's handled in a clean and transparent way. If it's a script-based solution (i.e. copies everything, etc), then it needs to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Prize: two free Zigduinos.
  • Port any of Contiki, uracoli, chibiArduino, or KillerBee to the Zigduino platform. Prize: one free Zigduino. For Contiki or uracoli, I'm offering an additional Zigduino (for a total of two) for porting it in such a way that you can compile it from the Arduino IDE.

I don't think I will be able to keep them in stock for long -- I only made as many in the first batch as I could afford to lose completely. As a result, most of this batch is already committed to distributors and those who reserved them ahead of time. Given the level of interest I've gotten, I expect them to be gone in a hurry. I've already started the process for the next batch; I will announce the availability date for that batch as soon as I have commitments from my vendors.