Mac & Linux loading problem, fixed

Several Zigduino users with Mac or Linux hosts have had problems programming or talking to the Zigduino over USB. With the help of several users, including ManiacBug, we've identified the problem and a solution. There are two things wrong:

  1. The zigduino.upload.protocol value in the boards.txt file should be arduino, not stk500v1. This has been fixed in the Git repository. If you pull the latest revision, you will have this fix.

  2. R2 is populated. The equivalent component on a Duemilanove (also R2, as it happens) is not populated. This has no effect on Windows (the platform I use for my testing and development), but does cause issues on Mac and Linux. Oops. I discovered this when I was soldering on wires to the nodes of the reset circuit on a Zigduino and a Duemilanove in preperation for hooking up a logic analyzer to figure out the problem.

    To fix this, all you have to do is remove R2 from the board.  It is the resistor right below the FTDI chip, and is labeled R2. Lay a soldering iron across both sides of the resistor until the solder melts and then pick it off the board. If any Mac or Linux users feel uncomfortable doing this themselves, they can email for an RMA to have us do the mod.

Edited to add: I also pushed a patch from ManiacBug intended to clear some compilation warnings. It's mostly just a matter of improved grammmar, but there's also a minor bugfix in the String library.