4X4 Driver Shield now available

The time has come to update our sixteen channel shield, so we gave it a better name and some new capabilities. It is now the 4X4 Driver Shield, and it does everything that the old sixteen channel does, with a couple of new twist.



  • A solder jumper allows the user to power the host Arduino off the high voltage power supply to the shield.
  • Solder jumpers allow all four power rails to be shorted together potentially simplifying wiring
  • The Arduino interface pins have been re-arranged in order to match the SPI pins of an Arduino Uno or a Zigduino. This allows you to push data out to the shield (or to a string of shields) much faster than previously and with less overhead as well. This enables users to take advantage of the speed boost in the latest version of Elcojacobs' ShiftPWM library.


And with the new changes, we've retained many of the key features of the old shield, including its current-handling capability, robust integrated protections (overtemp, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc), and daisy chaining.