Come see us at MakerFaire Bay Area!

We're proud to announce that we will have a booth at Maker Faire Bay Area, in San Mateo CA, May 19-20. This is the first time we're presenting at Maker Faire, and we'll have all of our products available for sale as well. 

This is the original Maker Faire, and still the largest. It's both incredibly fun and a complete mad-house. My first Maker Faire was in 2009, when I helped staff Hackerbot Labs' coin shrinker booth. I didn't see much of the faire, but I was completely hooked, and I've been to every one in the Bay Area since as well as the Kitsap Mini Maker Faire and World Maker Faire last year. It's a big part of what motivated me to found Logos in the first place.

In order to keep the booth fully crewed during the faire and allow us all to wander around and see the rest of the faire, we're providing booth space to a couple of other projects from Seattle that we love. The first is Terrence Tam's OpenBeam, an open-source t-slot extrusion system designed to use standard hardware rather than specialty hardware. The second is Imran Peerbhai's EasyMaker, a convertible desktop mill/3D printer that's currently in the prototype stage. 

I plan to have a couple of neat demos of Logos products running at the table. We'd love to see any projects you have built with Logos products and meet as many of you as possible. Please drop by!