Introducing the Zigduino r2

Along with the New Year comes a new version of the Zigduino! It's based on a number of comments and feature requests we've gotten from users. We've made the Zigduino significantly more useful for many of the applications they're talking to us about. We endeavoured to retain full backward compatibility for most applications. Here's the most significant changes:


  • FTDI FT231X USB to serial interface
  • D0/D1 connected to UART1; UART0 remains connected to the USB interface
  • All extra I/O brought out to a 2mm pitch auxiliary header
  • Arduino Uno R3 header pattern


  • Added LiPo battery connector
  • Added LiPo battery charging circuit
  • Added battery monitoring circuit
  • The USB interface powered by USB bus; unpowered when USB is not connected


  • Arduino Uno R3 board layout
  • Reset switch relocated to the side of the board, between the power jack and the power header


  • The external antenna replaced with an on-board antenna
  • Added a footprint for an MMCX connector, allowing installation of an external antenna for greater range.


  • Added footprint for clock crystal & loading capacitors

Taken together, these changes make the Zigduino a more capable platform for remote sensor nodes, remote controls, and similar applications. We look forward to seeing a host of new Zigduino applications that use these new features to their fullest.

All of the boards and connectors are now in hand -- right now, we're working on getting them all packed and programmed so we can offer them for sale by the end of January. In the meantime, we are now out of the r1 version and we do not anticipate making any more. There are still a few with our distributors, including SeeedStudio and Snootlabs.