shiftStepper library now on GitHub

The shiftStepper library, along with quite a bit more documentation than before, is now up on GitHub.

You can either get the code here or grab the zip here.

The documentation is in HTML format and was generated with Doxygen; I haven't gotten TeX set up properly on my main computer so there's no unified PDF document yet.

I added a number of features, but have had limited opportunity to test them, so they should be considered to be experimental. Here is the list of changes for this release:

  • Added a README
  • Fixed a bug with the shiftStepMotor device that prevented a command for a fixed number of steps from executing correctly.
  • Added shiftSix board class to support the six channel high side driver board.
  • Added shiftSwitchBlock device class, to support use of the channels of driver boards as binary switches as well as part of stepper motor drivers.
  • Added alternate direct writing board abstract base class, shiftBoardDirect. This writes specified bytes directly to the shift registers and therefore will be faster in many applications.
  • Added subclasses to shiftBoardDirect for six channel and sixteen channel boards.


Example applications

In order to fire your imaginations, I will be posting fleshed out example applications and projects, hopefully at least one per week. The first will be a blinky lights & motors demonstration of the current carrying capacity of the sixteen and six channel driver boards as well as the possibilities available in daisy-chaining them.

The second will be the first part of an Arduino controlled pipe organ that I've let lie dormant for a while. More details and pictures, starting tomorrow.