Awesome Seattle Hackerspace Garage Sale This Weekend

Hackerbot Labs, a local Seattle hackerspace I'm involved with, is having a big mad science garage sale this Saturday, noon to six pm. The purpose of the sale is to clear space and raise money for future awesome projects. Things for sale include:

* EEG machine w/ time plotter
* Gorilla suit
* ethernet switches
* microwaves
* rockets
* HV giant capacitors!!!!!
* audio equipment
* data card printer
* ethernet switches
* misc. servers and computers
* microscopes
* wifi equipment
* surgical lights
* extension cords!!
* mouse balls
* weather balloons
* kiln
* mystery box!
* centrifuge
* telescopes pelican cases
* diathermy machine
* high voltage power supplies
* tools
* lots of books, technical engineering and other kinds
* a powerful and impressive Hitachi mill. and also deadly.

Come on down and buy some of this stuff, so HBL can do more cool things in the future. See the HBL blog post for more details, including directions. I'll be around after 3pm or so, so if you'd like to drop by and chat, feel free.

On a more personal note, Logos would not exist without the skills, training, encouragement, and contacts I've gotten through HBL. You should come and show your support by helping HBL clear some space and raise some money.