RGB LED Matrix Customer Projects

A couple of my latest customers for the new RGB LED Matrix Backpack have done some pretty cool things with it. 

Steven programmed a gorgeous multi-color bouncing ball interaction with the aliasing tricks to increase the apparent resolution. This is one of the nicer video clips I've seen -- shooting things that glow is difficult to do well and Steven did a nice job here. 

Charles put together a neat little printable 3D snap-action clip that makes it really easy to connect backpacks together to build arrays of LED matrices. You can find the model on TinkerCAD.

Academic Zigduino projects

A couple of interesting Zigduino projects in academic settings have recently been published. The first is from Frank Zhao, the author of the ZigduinoRadio package. He and his seminar group at the University of Waterloo created ARUCI: Augmented Reality Universal Controller and Identifier.

The second is a paper presented at IMECS 2013 about using Zigduinos andContiki to build loosely coupled wireless sensor networks. They are working with a middleware layer for building sensor networks called LooCI and evaluating how the Zigduino behaves with it.

Just Another Solenoid Orchestra

Some of you may remember that I started a MIDI pipe organ project based around the predecessor of the 4x4 Driver many moons ago, but got distracted before I proceeded very far with it. However, joenotjoe, an electronic music artist from the east coast, had a similar idea and ran with it. He's currently building a solenoid orchestra called JASO (Just Another Solenoid Orchestra).

You can clearly see the 16 channel shield in this picture, with a nice breakout board that Joe was able to source for his project. You can get a similar one from Winford Engineering. I'm considering carrying these as an accessory, what do you guys think?

PS -- Joenotjoe also has some pictures up of fifteen solenoids all wired up and moving.

Zigroller project, software

As I promised the hardware section, I've now written up the software side of the Zigroller. This is mostly going to be a big block of text with some code snippets thrown in for flavor. I'm going to avoid going too deeply into the math, but I can't completely avoid it. The code is a bit of a mess right now, and there are a number of things that are in there because of the somewhat meandering route I took to this point and because it remains a work in progress.

Zigroller project, hardware

Since my Zigduino-based balance bot project, the Zigroller, got mentioned in the Make blog last week, I've written it up in a bit more detail here. I'm going to cover hardware first and then I'll cover the control software later. I took a class on digital controls up at UW this summer, and the class included a project option. I'd wanted to build a balance bot for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity. Around the time I needed to pick my project, the Arduroller project turned up on Make and various other places around the web. Since the class was in control theory, it was perfectly acceptable for me to duplicate the mechanical and electrical part of the Arduroller design. I deliberately refrained from reading the code. Since the Zigduino needs more demo projects, I decided to make it remote control as well for a little additional flash.

A MIDI-controlled Arduino pipe organ, phase 1

This is a project I've been meaning to do for a while as a demo of the sixteen channel high current shield, but I'm just now getting around to starting it. I did the first phase of the build at HBL, which gave me the opportunity to borrow a very nice camera to take far more build pictures. Pictures and more about this phase are after the jump.