More retail updates and Zigduino progress

Retail Update

Our full line is now available at Ada's Technical Books, located at 713 Broadway East in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Zigduino Progress

I've been letting this slide a little with all of the work required to get the other products on the market and the web store open. However, this Friday the solder stencil (from Stencils Unlimited) and ten more Atmega128RFA1s arrived; today I will be assembling them and my aim is to have both software and hardware ready for initial production by the end of the week and ready to ship by mid November.

Example applications

In order to fire your imaginations, I will be posting fleshed out example applications and projects, hopefully at least one per week. The first will be a blinky lights & motors demonstration of the current carrying capacity of the sixteen and six channel driver boards as well as the possibilities available in daisy-chaining them.

The second will be the first part of an Arduino controlled pipe organ that I've let lie dormant for a while. More details and pictures, starting tomorrow.

Retail sales, Maketoberfest, Rebate Offer, and Acknowledgements

Logos Electromechanical products now available at Metrix Create:Space

Our full range of products is now available in person at Metrix Create:Space on Capitol Hill in Seattle. No shipping charges and you get them immediately. We hope to get them out to other hacker/maker oriented retail businesses in Seattle and around the world as soon as possible. 


I will have some product samples as well as a quick & dirty demo of our sixteen channel and six channel driver boards at Jigsaw Renaissance's Maketoberfest this Friday, October 8. I won't be able to sell there, but I can deliver product by prior arrangement.

Rebate Offer

Members of Seattle area makerspaces and hackerspaces (including Metrix, HBL, Hazard Factory, Black Lodge, and Jigsaw Renaissance) who buy any Logos product this October are entitled to a 10% cash rebate. The only catch is that you have to collect it in person. I (Pierce) am frequently at both Metrix and HBL; hit the contact page to make arrangements. And it's in person so I can pick your brains.


This company is possible because of a great number of wonderful people who have made it possible.


  • All the folks at HBL and Metrix who have given me tips, encouraged me, answered dumb questions, and served as an impromptu focus group for my ideas. Special thanks to Matt, 3ric, Carl, Mark, Kayobi, Willow, and Pip.
  • Jigsaw Renaissance, for giving me the first public forum to talk about Metrix
  • Lara Sobel, for creating my awesome logo and various bits of collateral. The website design is largely my fault, however.
  • PCB Unlimited and Stencils Unlimited, who made my boards and accompanying solder stencils well, on time, and for a great price.
  • Doug Braun of Braun Electronic Components, who made sourcing the parts a relatively easy and painless process.
  • My family, for putting up with all the time this has taken and the strange smells occasionally emanating from the garage.