Classes at Metrix Create:Space

I'm teaching a number of workshops at Metrix this winter that some of you might find interesting.  Here's the schedule:

  • Intro to Arduino covers the basics of using the Arduino. It covers setup, introductory programming, and simple interface circuits. Cost is $70 and includes an Arduino and all materials. Each student needs to bring a laptop. It will be offered on the following days:
  • Intro to Electronics covers basic electronics concepts and simple circuits. $60, materials included. 
  • Mobile Sensors will cover the basics of the most popular types of sensors used in mobile and wearable applications: force, position, light, temperature, tilt, compasses, and more. These types of sensors can enable you to build things from an automatic night light to a
    robot capable of navigating through a room on its own. The Arduino platform will provide a handy tool for recording, analyzing, presenting, and acting on the sensor output. Finally, each student will have the opportunity to build a sensor-enabled device with the Arduino platform.
  • Digital Communications with Arduino delves into expanding the capabilities of your Arduino by using the built-in communications ports to talk to various kinds of peripherals! We will be exploring common communications types including I2C, SPI, serial, and shift registers. Students will receive an Arduino shield with examples of peripherals that use each communication type. Students need to bring an Arduino-compatible board and a laptop. Students should be familiar with the material in Intro to Arduino. Cost is $100.

Arduino Shield Workshop

I will be giving a workshop on Arduino shield design this thursday (24 March 2011) at Metrix:Create Space in Seattle. You can register in person at Metrix or over the phone. I'll be covering the basics of designing and building your own shields, with a motor shield demo project. The cost is $50. Participants will need a laptop, an Arduino, and a USB cable. A protoshield and other required components and tools will be provided. Hope to see you there!